For more than twenty years in the UAE, the Encyclopedia for Legal Translation managed to grow and develop its services in alliance with the country’s steadfast growth. Within this short span of time we have raised the bar of excellence, expertise and proficiency to cater to the various needs of our business partners. The database of our clientele expanded, our mission thrived affront challenges and our vision merged with the Emirate’s knowledge-based economy.

Today, we crown our achievements by retaining many of our life-long business partners, associates and government and non-government organizations that brought us ashore our brand equity.

As your dedicated partners we are benchmarked for our accurate translations, detailed contracts, thorough interpretation, epigrammatic copies, and legal work that adhere to the laws and regulations of the UAE, in addition to a number of value added services and consultancy. Meanwhile, with the introduction of our new Businessmen Services we aim to become your one-stop corporate point that offers you a wholesome of cost effective business solutions.

Welcome aboard a world of encyclopedic knowledge.